our animals, ourselves,
our landscape

our animals, our selves,
our landscape


Stress Free Stockmanship

All around the world researchers are working on the scientific basis that proves the links between the mental stresses that stock face and their production.

Studies have found that whatever the beliefs that people handling stock hold- those beliefs translate straight into their handling skills.

These handling skills, in turn, determine whether animals will be stressed when the handler works with them.

If animals are stressed then they reproduce at lower rates, grow slower and get sick more often.

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  • 1 week ago by Stress Free Stockmanship

    Stress Free Stockmanship
    I have made a short video on the release of Fred Provenza’s new book called Nourishment.  Fred’s book is going to be one of those landmark texts that people will refer to for many years to come. A monumental achievement that really makes sense of the many connections between soils-plants-animals and humans.
  • 30 weeks ago by Stress Free Stockmanship

    Stress Free Stockmanship
    A new project is underway to demonstrate to pastoralists Self Herding techniques to manage grazing distribution of cattle to establish grazing circuits within a paddock, creating a form of rotational grazing that does not rely on fencing.
    » Trials begin to demonstrate effectiveness of Self HerdingRangelands NRM
  • 36 weeks ago by Stress Free Stockmanship

    Stress Free Stockmanship
    Did you know you can greatly reduce the stress levels in your animals just by walking in straight line?

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