Animal Welfare

Head in
the sand

It is no longer possible to pretend that the livestock raising industries can continue with practices that the wider community find distasteful.  This is not to agree or disagree with the logic or necessity of many of the curent methods.  It is rather the mature understanding that the general community beyond the farm gates will form their opinions on perceptions of industries and they way any industry goes about its business.

Modern livestock industries will have to continue to evolve with community expectations and incorporate those into standard procedures in order to avoid external, legislative responses to community concerns.

With that in mind, a gradual shift in the skills within Agriculture toward obtaining the full range of Stress Free Stockmanship techniques will enable the whole industry to not only realise productivity gains but also to surpass public expectations.  Being ahead and proactive with animal welfare rather than reactive to crises.

Stress Free Stockmanship is an ideal opportunity to showcase the caring and compassionate side of livestock raising.