Important Links

Regenerative Agriculture Series

The Lazy Farmer

Showing all the various innovative and regenerative practices being implemented on the Maynard family property at Narromine, NSW, Australia

No Kill Cropping, No Kill Regeneration, No Kill Revegetation

Livestock Related

Hand’n Hand Livestock Solutions

Richard McConnell and Tina Williams present and continue on the work started by Tina’s parents, Bud and Eunice Williams.

Livestock For Landscapes

Kathy Voth’s weed eating site- excellent work and material on allowing animals to start consuming more plants than they did before.

Bud and Eunice Williams

The website of Eunice and the late Bud Williams with a huge store of good advice, tips and wry observations.  They started a whole new field of endeavour and that has changed the lives of many people and animals into the future.

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin’s site where she has a large amount of literature regarding yard design and animal aspects.  While not based upon obtaining a Stress Free approach the livestock principles can be applied in situations where throughput is the paramount aim.

Integrating Livestock to the Landscape


The Utah State University site that has the behavioural work from the Behave consortium.  A wonderful body of work that spans interactions between soil, plants, animals and humans.  A huge achievement and distillation of decades of research and practical application.


The Enrich project is a collaborative research initiative discovering the wide range of uses and potential benefits of Australian native forage shrubs.  Well worth a look if you are interested in alternative forage sources and possibilities.